WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — For over a century, one building at the corner of 11th and Chapline Streets has sheltered Wheeling women and children from life’s dangers.

But the YWCA’s headquarters is showing its age and in need of an upgrade from its early 20th century technology.

That’s why today the group announced their first renovation fundraising campaign since the 1970s.

With heating, plumbing, electric, an elevator and new offices all on the list, they say not one part of the building will be left untouched.

They’re already at over 80 percent of their $11 million goal—they just need some help from the public to get over the top.

At first we were just talking about what band-aids do we need to put on to keep operating, and then it became a ‘wait a minute. We could really set the future for the next 100 years by doing a full renovation.’

Denise Penz, Chairman of Capital Campaign

The signficance of what we were doing 100 years ago for the Ohio Valley is the same as it is today. They talk about restraining women, so that’s our domestic violence. They talk about reforming people, and that’s our women in recovery. It’s amazing that we are still doing that same significant work today.

Lori Jones, Executive Director, YWCA Wheeling

The private phase of the campaign has continued since 2018 and has already resulted in completed new offices.

YWCAWheeling.org is where you can go to invest in shelter for future generations in need.