Preventing school shootings is a common topic across the country right now, but for schools, increased safety has been a concern for quite some time.

With that in mind, Indian Creek High School brought extra re-enforcements in case a dangerous situation would ever happen.

Indian Creek Schools are making massive safety upgrades to the facilities, many of which are to make sure a school shooting doesn’t happen.

Their high school is a brand new building, with state-of-the-art security.

“Our guidance counselors have been trained to recognized danger signs from our students and we work with outside counseling agencies. We have a response team within each of our buildings.”

John Belt – Assistant Superintendent

There are 97 security cameras, two resource officers, and panic buttons under the secretary’s desk that will put the school into lockdown.

The entrance doors and windows are ballistic glass meaning the glass won’t collapse if someone does try to shoot it.

And all four buildings have a man trap where they can isolate a person from entering the building.

On top of all the other safety measures, they also have an instant background check kiosk. Visitors have to swipe their ID’s to get into the building and it goes through a national predator database check and it can also be modified for additional threats and custody issues.

These worries of school shootings aren’t just for school administrators. It affects the students and parents as well.

Having these security measures in place are a way to make everyone feel more at ease.

You’re worried about your child walking out the door every day and you feel that school should be one of the safest places that they go to. They should want to get up and go but when they have that fear that’s a hard thing to explain as a parent that you know you’ll be okay.”

Mike Cottis – Parent

Belt had this advice to share.

“Don’t do the minimum, make sure you have conversations with the students, we use the ALICE safety model in our district we practice those drills, training is important.”

John Belt – Assistant Superintendent

Belt thanks the voters for being able to have a safe, secure facility for the students.